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These wonderful Jars come with a faux leather strap and a matching wooden lid.  This vessel makes for the perfect candle lantern by the fireplace or mantel piece and/or a great outdoor candle vessel.

The jars are made for warm and cold weather, they are weather resistant, and they will give you that cozy atmosphere you are looking for, every season of the year, indoors and outdoors!

Citronella, lemongrass, and sweet vanilla combine for a crisp and super fresh fragrance, perfect for alfresco dining on a cool summer’s night.
Made from active essential oil ingredients, this fragrance can be used as natural deterent for insects.

Top Lemon Zest + Citronella

Middle Lemongrass

Base Sweet Vanilla Bean

External Vessel Dimensions (excl. strap) : 130mmW (base) x 106mm x 160mmH

Containing 500g of natural wax, burning time between 35 – 40 hours.